Grassroots traffic laws

There are several ideas I want to blog about. One I heard recently at lunch:

Traffic is governed to a large extent by norms rather than laws.  Then why not let the public that creates those norms also enforce them?

He didn’t know how to do this, so I suggested creating a communication system between cars, where a driver can send signals to another driver. (The current communication system, honking, is very primitive, since there is only one signal, and it’s not explicitly addressed to a certain car.) The signals should go through a centralized system, and it should register a certain kind of signal (let’s call it “F you”). A driver that gets above, say, 10 Fs a month gets fined. If he gets very many Fs in a month, his license is invalidated.

What do you think?



One Response to “Grassroots traffic laws”

  1. shlomix Says:

    Nice idea. You should limit one’s ability to give F words, let’s say 10 a week. I don’t know also how can you signal a specific car without being distracted.
    I think this type of method was already applied in Israel for giving tickets on throwing waste.

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