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Come and join!

July 22, 2011

History Q&A site
This History Q&A site will open when 87 more people to promise to participate.


Who wrote what in a Wikipedia article?

July 2, 2011

Wikipedia is a great knowledge base, but sometimes you want to check the truthfulness of what you read. One way is to find out who wrote a particular word or phrase.

Programmers already have tools that annotate code and show who wrote or last changed a specific line. They are called “Blame” or “Praise”. So why is there no such tool for the Wikipedia?¬†One reason is that retrieving all versions of a particular page can be a very long process, e.g., the article “United States” is 700 KB large and has tens of thousands of versions!

Nevertheless, I’m making such a tool. It will be a Web site. I expect to launch an alpha soon.

Suggestions for a name are welcome.